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Immiducation Network

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A network of career-minded immigrants, redefining success through learning and community #ImmiNation

Who We Are

Immiducation is a career and education network of immigrants by immigrants. 

After coaching many immigrants and hearing of so many rejections and barriers to career growth due to “lack of Canadian experience” as well as inadequate access to the right network for referrals, we decided to do something about it.

What is Immiducation?


Why We Exist

With Canada's birth rate on a steady decline and a rapidly aging population, the work force has been shrinking and the demand for labor increasing

To combat this, Canada plans to welcome 1.2 million immigrants by 2024; with the Economic (Skilled workers) category accounting for more than half of this target

Although numerous immigration policies and programs have made it possible for skilled professionals to migrate into Canada, newcomers continue to face significant barriers navigating and integrating into the Canadian workspace

There is a general lack of acceptance and recognition of foreign education and work experience which stunts the success of immigrants and creates an obvious divide between the immigration efforts of the Government and the realities on ground for professional immigrants

We need to switch the narrative. 

Immiducation is here to bridge this gap as a global network of professional Immigrants supporting and accelerating immigrant success through learning resources, mentorship and community

We are here to enable individuals, corporations, and institutions to harness the wealth of global talent that immigrants embody

Our ‘why’ is simple: To eliminate underemployment of professional immigrants.

Our ‘How’ is simpler: Educate, Inspire and Connect immigrants for Career success in Canada


What to expect inside Immiducation Network :

We offer the resources and connections to help you succeed at writing your own immigrant story.

  • NETWORKING. A MAJOR pain point for newcomers. Other Immigrants and allies are the best source of job referrals and support
  • RESOURCES. Challenges, articles, and downloadables to help you make better, well-informed choices about your career and immigrant journey. Help with navigating topics that don’t have easy or obvious answers (the stuff you can’t Google)

  • MENTORSHIP. Expert perspective from seasoned industry leaders and  immiNation Guides, to help you navigate your field(s) and interests

  • LIVE EVENTS & SESSIONS. Find inspiration.  Learning, conversations and expert perspective from various STEM and Business leaders. 

  • A PROFESSIONAL COMMUNITY. Learn and get answers from people in your profession. Swap stories, experiences, and ideas.

  • JOB OPPORTUNITIES. Get matched to employers looking to hire YOU with diverse international experience

  • EXCLUSIVE COURSES, WORKSHOPS & GROUPS. Learn career-readiness skills to help you succeed in exclusive groups of like-minded professionals who want to have a positive impact on their careers and in corporate Canada.

Think of us as a cool version of LinkedIn, Indeed and Coursera all-in-one for Immigrants

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